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A descendant of the people of the Space Between, Strawberry Keele was raised in an unhappy home. A strange and violent child from a young age, he often accompanied his elder sister, Fig, on her adventures. During one such adventure to the Cloud Kingdom he assaulted and nearly killed the Cloud Prince. Fig abandoned him to his fate, and Strawberry was placed in prison for around ten years, growing increasingly unhinged before finally managing to escape. He spent some time lost, and was briefly enslaved in a workhouse before escaping and continuing his hunt for Fig.


Strawberry was created by Matthew Sturges and Luca Rossi. He made his first appearance in House of Mystery #21.

Major Story Arcs

House of Mystery

Strawberry seeks out Fig, who used her reality warping powers to force herself and their parents to forget that Strawberry ever existed. He arrives at the House of Mystery, and repeatedly acts inappropriately towards Fig; despite this, Cain gives him a job as bartender. After he crawls into her bed while she is sleeping and threatens her with a knife she has him locked in a cupboard in the House. He is murdered there by Jordan Mayer soon thereafter. His spirit soon manifests in the Space Between, and is called on by his great-grandfather, Keele, to help Keele and Strawberry's father, Peter, escape the Space Between and get back to Fig. He accompanies them to Hell to get a new body, and joins them in recruiting Harry Bailey. He is imprisoned by the Conception after Keele destroys the House. He manages to escape when the Omneity causes the building he is in to crumble. He rescues Fig just before she is killed by the Conception, and he murders the Conception instead. Fig transports them both to the House, where she stops the universe from collapsing. After she rewrites reality, Strawberry continues to exist and is allowed to remain aware of her existence. He helps her transport her manuscripts to the House to deliver her side of the story to her friends.

Powers and Abilities

Though Strawberry is a descendant of the people in the Space Between, it is unclear if he possesses the dimensional manipulation or reality warping powers they are heir to. He is known to be a ruthless and vicious, if somewhat unsophisticated, murderer, who is competent with bladed weapons and firearms.

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