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Under the reign of Apocalypse, Umbridge was just another mutant with no real place.  Once Apocalypse died and the government was up for grabs, Umbridge joined the New Canaanites.


Umbridge was a product of the creative team of Gene Ha, Scott Lobdell, and Jeph Loeb.

Major Story Arcs

As a member of the New Canaanites, Umbridge rapidly climbs the ranks.  Although "just" a strator, Umbridge is offered an opportunity to vault herself to the top of the New Canaanites.  It seems her main tasks are mere police work, as she arrests Nathan Dayspring for disrupting a religious event.  Tribune Haight offers her a chance to finish off the fabled Clan Askani.  In order to do so, Umbridge boards a pirate ship and acts as a ruffian in order to find news in more sundry ways, as well as have a better disguise once the ship does business with the Askani Sisterhood.
Finding the Askani in Ebonshire proves deadly.  A daegon has slain everyone in the ship except for Umbridge, who is the next victim.  Fortunately, Nathan Dayspring and Aliya are on hand to save her life.  When she comes around, she sees that she is in the actual care of the Askani.  She feigns stewardship to Nathan, all the while communicating with Tribune Haight.  When the Tribune attacks the Askani Cloisters, Umbridge shows her true colors.  She is quickly killed by Nathan's friend, Tetherblood.

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