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Strata's current champion on earth.
Strata's current champion on earth.

Strata is an ancient civilization that came to earth by the dead body of the astronaught god that crash landed on earth. It sunk through the earth throughout time and the Stratans evolved inside it's body making it their home. It's armour is incororated into the walls that protect Strata and it's blood gives the civilization life. This blood can be found in wellsprings that tamper with the DNA of anyone who touches it. It has shown to give superpowers and to turn someone into complete Diamond. The Elder Council make all the decisions here. One of the member's of this council is Aurla. The city is filed with technology vastly superior to the human race's technology. The city was partially damaged from an attack from Richard Faulkner, a greedy millionare who wanted the minerals for himself. This is the home of Atlee and Terra 2. It's presence is unkown to all humans. The only 2 humans that have been are Geo-Force, who's memory of it was wiped away, and Richard Faulkner, who is still there trying to be brought back to a normal state by Aurla.

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