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Warlock and Pip arrive on Homeworld, the center of the Universal Church of Truth. They are attacked because of Pip and Warlock defeats the attackers. But soon his Soul Gem begins trying to break free of his control. It is becoming stronger and taken subconscious control over Warlock.

He tries to remove the gem from his brow and when he does he is filled with emptiness and pain. He is able to place the gem back on his forehead. He realizes the gem has become his lifeforce and it has been slowly sucking his soul. He is contacted by the Matriarch who tells him that she will tell him the secret of the gem if he comes to the sacred palace. He goes to her, knowing it is an obvious trap.

She tells him that he himself created the Magus and will one day eventually become him. She then springs a trap door and he falls through to the level below. He finds himself in a courtroom.

The Judge Kray-Tor brings the session to order and begins the Trial of Adam Warlock, accusing him of witchcraft, heresy and murder. He is restrained and demands that the Magus preside over the court, because they are the same person. Kray-Tor denies his request.

Although it is claimed that this is a fair trail, it is not. Warlock objects to the court and is gagged. He is found guilty and sentenced to rehabilitation. Warlock no longer plans to play along with the court and attacks the guards. Kray-Tor now sentences him to death. Warlock realizes that the Soul Gem must have been sent to him to destroy evil such as Kray-Tor and uses it to take his soul. After taking the soul, his mind is filled with thoughts that are not his own and he passes out. He is taken by the Matriarch.

In a nearby tavern, Pip runs into a woman named Gamora. She tells him that if Warlock plans to defeat the Magus she will join him. If he does not, she plans to kill him.

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