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Who is Adam Warlock? Let's find out more about the Man who Stalked the Stars in his definitive origin! Plus, the history of the High Evolutionary’s Counter-Earth!

Who Is Adam Warlock?

A retelling of Adam Warlock's origin

Enter the Magus!

A woman is being chased as she is marked for termination by the Grand Inquisitors of the Universal Church of Truth. Adam Warlock intervenes to save her life but he fails and she is killed. Their mission complete, the Inquisitors depart.

Her soul lingers and he uses his Soul Gem to get her to speak. He learns of the Church through her but this is interrupted by none other than the Church's leader himself - The Magus.

The Magus attacks Warlock with his own inner demons. He tells him that they are one and the same and that he is his dark half. He leaves Warlock is is undeterred and plans to stop the Magus no matter what the cost.


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