Strange Tales #127

    Strange Tales » Strange Tales #127 - The Mystery Villain!; Duel With The Dread Dormammu! released by Marvel on December 1964.

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    Does a power struggle exist within the Fantastic Four? Torch seems to think so…

    Story Titles

    • The Mystery Villain!
    • Duel with the Dread Dormammu!

    Continued directly from the previous issue, Dormammu gives Doctor Strange the opportunity to forfeit the battle and go back to Earth as he finds no joy in defeating a lesser being such as Strange. While thinking it over in separate chambers Clea tells Strange of the Mindless Ones and how they will invade and kill them all of Strange manages to best Dormammu. Though debating the matter at first, once Dormammu captures Clea for aiding Strange and promises her fate will be the same as his, Doctor Strange has no choice, but to fight.

    Though he manages to hold his own for a while it is pretty obvious Dormammu will win in the end. The only problem is with his focus on Strange the barrier holding back the Mindless Ones weakens. It's up to Doctor Strange to help Dormammu erect the barrier once more, and being in Strange's debt, Dormammu relents and sets Clea free.

    Dr. Strange is rewarded for defeating Dormammu by the Ancient One with the cloak of levitation and the Eye of Agamotto.


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