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The Sandman Strikes!

This month sees the return of two Marvel celebrities of sorts in the form of Spider-Man's foe The Sandman, and the mysterious Dr. Strange who finally gets some sort of origin story. Part one which is penned by Lee and Ayers comes off like your typical Torch story; there's a villain (a much less engaged Sandman) and Johnny gets all heated about proving how hot he is, and he goes and manages to prove everyone wrong by being the Hero of the Day, and then he reminds us how great he is, and, yeah. Once again, it's Spider-Man's face he rubs it into this time, but unlike their run-in during the excellent Strange Tales Annual, this encounter feels mundane and a little off-kilter. Part two isn't much better, but it's interesting at least to witness the origins of Dr. Strange. Both parts share the same contrivances and leaps of logic, but I guess it's part two that kind of runs with it to the point where it's mildly entertaining to read. Nevertheless, a fairly middle of the road outing this month for both our Strange heroes.

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