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    Torch meets Captain America for the first time!

    The Human Torch Meets..."Captain America"

    The Human Torch is tricked once again by an old personal enemy, the 'Acrobat'. Before the real Captain America had been discovered in the ice, the bank robber turns his skills and riches into impersonating him. Johnny is fooled and humiliated many times while the man goes on a rampage. However, Johnny creates a fire cage, finally capturing the man and revealing that he was indeed not the real Captain America.

    The Bridge

    The Return of the Omnipotent Baron Mordo!

    After a brief hiatus in Strange Tales, Doctor Strange returns to do battle once again with his arch-nemesis, Baron Mordo. This issue also features Victoria Bentley.


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    Captain American't? 0

    As the cover proclaims after many years it's the return of a Marvel icon in Captain America! But something is off with our dear Captain as he hatches a scheme, a highly elaborate scheme, to rob a bank.As per the last issue Johnny Storm is still being kind of a dick to his girlfriend. He's really doing very little to endear himself to the reader, something I place firmly on Stan Lee's shoulders. She could definitely do better. Relationship issues aside Johnny spends most of this issue chasing do...

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    The Human Torch Meets... Captain America 0

    Captain America kind of makes his fitting debut appearance in the Silver Age of Marvel this month in the pages of Johnny Storm's solo mag Strange Tales as he turns out to be quite different from his Golden Age version of himself. Well, that is, until you get to the end and you find out the shocking truth. And well, yeah, it is kinda cool in a way. Not only that but the entire story reads well and gives Cap some nice action segments that are great to look at and skim through as they whiz past. Of...

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