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The Living Bomb!

A bit of an oddball adventure for Johnny this month as we see him go head to head with a villain who proves to be a bother for reasons outside the norm for your typical antagonist. Chasing down The Eel who has accidentally stolen a weapon of atomic force and activated it, Storm finds himself at odds with what to do with a nuclear bomb about to go boom-boom next to a Vet's home. Taking the blast into himself in a piece of stodgily written pseudo-science piece (there are plenty here by the way, from a tracker fireball guided by vibrations and a miracle dues ex machina cure from the nuclear blast amongst others), the world stands by in shock as they await to here whether Torch will live or not. As a plot piece, I can see why Lee thought this would be a good idea—the problem though is that it's neither convincing nor as emotive as it should be. What we're left with then is an off-beat race-against-the-clock issue (something of a first this early on) that tries to be grander than Joe Carter ever achieves. We also see a little attempt at the Peter Parker curse of the public being turned against him, but this too feels all too contrived and inconsequential to be effective. All in all, a disappointing, but somewhat daring issue.

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    Sacrifice 0

    There is only one adjective that comes to mind when I look back on this issue: surprising. Everything stands against its potential quality it has a bad villain with a very silly name, The Eel whose powers are fairly nondescript. We have a vague threat of nondescript yet dangerous technology which has often been used as a crutch by this era of Marvel stories (Thor I’m looking at you!). Yet in this case, in this issue Marvel takes us all by surprise. They cast aside the normal template of th...

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