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    The Human Torch fights the Asbestos Man!

    Fighting To The Death With The Asbestos Man!

    A story featuring the Human Torch as he battles the Asbestos Man.


    A two-page text only story.

    Beware--The Machine!!!

    What if we lived in a world that was dependent on machines? This story features exactly that with X-200 the most advanced computer in existence.

    Face-to-Face with the Magic of Baron Mordo!

    A story featuring Doctor Strange as he faces Baron Mordo as the Ancient One's life hangs in the balance.


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    A Strangely (Sorry) Enjoyable Human Torch Story 0

    I’m not sure I could possibly rate any comic that features a villain called Asbestos Man anything less than two stars. It would have to be a truly terrible book for that to happen. Just don’t inhale while you’re wearing that suit pal. The other part of this issue introduces us to Dr Strange’s arch-foe the evil Baron Mordo.I actually really enjoyed Johnny Storm’s story this month, it was a simple but well told story of the hero getting knocked down and having to find...

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    Fighting To The Death With The Asbestos Man! 0

    Oh, come on. Asbestos Man? Really? I mean, for a villain, he's pretty decently developed and all, but couldn't Stan come up with a less obvious name? Nitpicking, maybe, but grinding all the same. Anyway, aside from the dorky name, Asbestos Man is fairly well written; an egotistic scientist who believes himself to be worth more than his employers pays him for, he seeks out to defeat Johnny in order to establish a name for himself in the criminal underworld so that they might employ his talents in...

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