otoboke's Strange Tales #104 - The Human Torch Meets Paste-Pot Pete! review

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The Human Torch Meets Paste-Pot Pete

An issue so bad, with a villain so completely mundane that I’m going to name my Worst Villain end of year award after poor old Paste Pot Pete. And you know, a lot of people will claim that Pete’s debut here is so bad that it’s good; but it isn’t. It’s so bad that it could have been good, but then they took it even further and it became even worse than bad. Between the basic concept that a guy could somehow utilize paste the way that Pete does (gripping onto passing planes, stopping missiles & sticking people to the environment) Torch’s magic homing missile tracker double thing, I just couldn’t find myself getting involved in any of what Lieber and crew were trying to sell me. It’s just weak; and bad. Bad bad bad bad bad.

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