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Strange Space

Some of these Silver Age comics are hilarious, many times inadvertently. In the first panels of the first story, a radio telescope has spotted a strange object in the sky. "Jim, come quick," Fred says. Jim listens on the speaker and gets angry that he was interrupted from changing the water in his aquarium! I mean hello, can you do your job, Jimmy? He continues to complain that his fish might die, but the kids are taught that fish exhale and breath water just like people breath air. OK, great science lesson, but do your job!

Most of the story is pretty typical of the time. The evil alien cannot be stopped except for some quick idea that a small time scientist discovers and he is stopped in the nick of time. No comment about the high levels of radiation caused by the atom bombs dropped on the alien's head to no effect.

"The World Inside the Earth" was pretty interesting in a goofy kinda way. These aliens were in a sleeper ship when it came upon our solar system as it was forming. Dust, gas and so on formed around the ship and the Earth became a planet and the ship stayed in suspended animation. 4.5 BILLION years later, the aliens are still alive and able to speak English. Their ship causes all kinds of trouble for the planet. Tom Hendrix's new electronic brain, complete with punch cards, announces the sun will end. How? Stay tuned, kids.

"The Case of the Robot Spy!" is a Star Hawkins story, which was a continuing feature for Strange Adventures. Star Hawkins is a detective in the year 2080 with his robot Girl Friday Ilda. The banter back and forth is cute and the story, though farfetched, reminds me of The Thin Man. Jewel thieves and alien robbers are the main topic in this cute tale.

Overstreet Price in Near Mint: $190.00!

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