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    Team » Strange Academy appears in 31 issues.

    The Strange Academy is a collection of students and teachers, founded by Doctor Strange to prepare newer generations of magic users.

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    Strange Academy campus
    Strange Academy campus

    Doctor Strange and Doctor Voodoo started the Strange Academy to teach the next generation of sorcerers how to deal with the growing number of forces and mystical chaos that threaten all time and existence. Their job is to teach them to know who they are, what they are capable of, and to trust themselves to make the right choices with that knowledge.

    However, because magic has a cost, Strange made a deal with the Vishanti. They agreed to allow Strange to run the school, and Hoggoth volunteered to absorb the cost to spare the children.


    Strange Academy debuted in a series of the same name by Skottie Young and Humberto Ramos.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Hollow

    The students vs The Hollow
    The students vs The Hollow

    The academy students were off to a great start. Relationships were forming, lessons were learned, and trouble was had. However, during a game of tag through the portal doors, one of the students, Calvin Morse, went missing. His magical sentient jacket was able to escape to warn Calvin’s fellow students. Rather than tell the adults, a number of students banded together and went looking for him on their own.

    He was being held by The Hollow, a magical cut of tree people living in the Louisiana swamp near the academy. They had been keeping an eye on the students believing they were wasting and spoiling the Earth’s innate magical energy. Now that they had lured them to the swamp, they were able to attack and feed on them. The students put up a fight, but they were ultimately bailed out by their teachers. Unfortunately, they didn’t show up before Doyle Dormammu was killed.

    Strange did his best to save Doyle’s life, but it was a kiss from his crush, Emily Bright that brought him back to life.

    Calvin’s Jacket

    Crime scene of Toth's attack
    Crime scene of Toth's attack

    Weirdworld native, Toth, was up late studying in the library one night. When walking back to his dorm, he is attacked by an unseen assailant. The majority of his body is shattered. The staff is able to collect most of the pieces. With the aid of Toth’s parents, they should be able to reassemble and resurrect him. Unfortunately, they are missing the shard that would be his heart. It is the only shard required to cast the spell. It must have been stolen, proving that this was a purposeful attack, not an accident. As a result, the school hires a private eye, Howard the Duck.

    Howard interviewed all of the students and accounted for everyone’s whereabouts during the attack. While investigating the crime scene, he found an enamel pin stuck in the wall that Toth was smashed against. He recognized it as being similar to a number of pins Calvin wore on his magic jacket.

    Calvin and Mister Misery combined
    Calvin and Mister Misery combined

    At that very moment, the students were told about the heart shard being missing. As people were volunteering to find it, Calvin pulled it from his pocket. Suddenly, his jacket revealed itself to be Mister Misery, a being Doctor Strange had created in the past to absorb the price of his magic. Doctor Voodoo tried to lead the students in a fight against it, but Misery was too powerful. They contemplated starving Misery by not fighting, but Dessy had a better idea. She would feed Misery despair until he bursts. Misery eventually had enough. Calvin was expelled from his void with the heart shard, and Misery begged Dessy to end his suffering. So, she ate him.

    With Toth revived, he was welcomed back with open arms but gave his biggest hug to Calvin, forgiving him for whatever role he may have played in his attack.

    The Death of Doctor Strange

    When Doctor Strange was mysteriously murdered, Doctor Voodoo was forced to close the school, which meant all the students needed to be sent home. Thankfully, it wasn't for too long.


    Calvin meets with Gaslamp
    Calvin meets with Gaslamp

    To lift Calvin’s spirits, the gang decide to take him on a haunted walking tour of a graveyard in New Orleans. There, Zoe Laveau explains her origins and her family lineage, including a pusher of dark magic, named Gaslamp, that she once used to try and enhance her own magic. Calvin, who is now without magic, is tempted to reach out to this Gaslamp.

    Against all instructions, Calvin does anyway, and Gaslamp gives him his first wish for free. He wishes to be competent at magic, and during a sparring session the next day, he gets too aggressive with Alvi. Eventually, Calvin needs more wishes, but he has no way to pay for it. So, Gaslamp turns him into a dealer at the school.

    Doctor Voodoo finds him out almost immediately and is forced to expel him. On her way to the dance, Emily finds Calvin packing. Feeling bad for him, she stays and comforts him. This causes her to leave Doyle alone at the dance, which he takes pretty hard.

    In the next few days, Emily organizes a walkout protest, not just for Calvin, but for the casual way in which the faculty has treated the student body's place in the cosmic game. They teleported themselves to New York City and hid in the Sanctum Santorum, under Clea's nose. When Zelma and Voodoo finally catch up with them, Emily, in a fit of rage, opens a portal to the Dark Dimension, calling it their new home.


    Doyle's Time Hop

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    While Doctor Voodoo teaches the class how to time hop, Doyle finds himself at the academy in the far future. It was run down and falling apart, but he sees many of his classmates as their older selves, specifically Emily, Iric, Zoe, and Calvin. They were commanding a group of sorcerers against the one that was prophesized to be the end.

    That is when they are interrupted by another group led by Doyle's own adult variant, leading Gus, Alvi, Dessy, and Shayla. This concerned Doyle about his own uncertain future.


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