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    Very exciting stuff!
    "Strange" tells the story of Dr. Strange coping with the loss of his control over the arcane arts. That premise alone sounded interesting enough for me to pick up this book, but  I have been delightfully surprised  to find a warm tale of fantasy and wonder.
    Waid has essentially given us a new doorway into the world of magic in the Marvel U. Readers new to the exploits of Stephen Strange (like myself) will instantly relate to Casey Kinmont, who is unexpectedly thrown onto Dr. Strange's path and is abruptly introduced to this new layer of her world. While this formula has been used through countless stories, (Harry Potter, Star Wars IV, The Matrix, etc) Waid is able to apply it effectively to the Marvel U while maintaining a very light-hearted tone that makes it even easier for the reader to get drawn in, but despite that tone there are still subtle reminders that this is Strange at his rock-bottom. Through this book we are reminded that leading this young woman who is standing on the threshold of her potential is a man that can see the end to his legacy. Waid uses this balance to craft a story that is both accessible to the new reader while still exploring this most recent development to Dr. Strange's timeline.
    Additionally as a side note, I've never been into the magic side of the Marvel U (aside from Strange's appearances in New Avengers). Because of this, I've had the delightful side-effect of having this book reawaken that sense of wonder I felt when first reading x-men as a child. Every mutant power seemed to open an entirely new door, expanding my young mind to the possibilities of this incredible universe. Now as I read "Strange" I feel that same excitement about this magical realm, an excitement I feel directly enabled by Waid's presentation and story construction. 


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