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Straight Arrow, son of a great Comanche warrior and well on his way become one himself, is orphaned at the age of 10 when he is the only survivor of the massacre of his village by white bandits and another Indian tribe working together.

Wounded he makes it to the ranch of the Adams who raise him as their son.

After the Adams die he inherits the ranch which he renames the Broken Bow Ranch after the only item he had when him when he came there. (this is conjector, there was never an orgin story per se)

To the rest of the world he is just Steve Adams own of a minor cattle ranch, however when evil doers, white or red, plot against justice Steve enters a cave hidden on his ranch and Straight Arrow astride his golden palomino Fury emerges to bring justice.

The only person who knows Straight Arrow and Steve Adams are the same person is his trusty grizzled side-kick, prospector Packy McCloud.

Secrets of the Straight Arrow Cave

Starting as a radio drama aimed at kids and sponsored by NABISCO Shredded Wheat and written by Sheldon Stark, wrote scripts for Green Hornet, Lone Ranger and Challenge of the Yukon for WXYZ radio in Detroit,, the series was popular enough to soon become a comic book series even without the Shredded Wheat.


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