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    Originally a member of Stormwatch, the UN Posthuman special ops force, Strafe later betrayed them and joined the Warguard supervillain team. Later still, he became a member of his brother's new team, The Monarchy.

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    Malcolm King was a latent superhuman (or "Seedling") who had never been activated until he and his brother Jackson King (better known as Battalion) were attacked at a funeral by terrorists, and Battalion's teammate Synergy used her catalyst ability to activated Malcolm's latent superpowers. Afterwards, he joined Stormwatch under the code name Strafe.

    Story Arc

    Some time later, however, he was manipulated by his father Isaiah (now called Despot) into joining the villain team Warguard and betraying Stormwatch.

    Caught, he was disgraced and sentenced to a United Nations prison, where a villain team called The Changers later tried to get him to reveal Stormwatch's secrets. Eventually, his brother Battalion used his potent psychic abilities to place Strafe into a coma.

    Years later, he was released by Agent Morrow, who was trying to track down his missing brother. Unknown to both of them at the time, they were vital parts of The Monarchy's plan.

    Now known as Bellerophon, Malcolm was merged with a Kheran Dream Machine: an alien device capable of turning dreams and thoughts into reality by feeding on the imagination and psychic energies of its host. This greatly increased his powers, which had previously been limited to energy manipulation. It is unclear whether he still retains his original powers, but the Dream Machine allows him to replicate them in any case.

    Powers & Abilities

    Malcolm, like his brother Jackson King is a seedling. Upon activation by Christine Trelene Malcolm King stepped into his abilities to manipulate, generate and project vast quantities of an unknown form of energy for a multitude of purposes. Offensively he can channel his power for long ranged blasts of raw power while also using it to obtain aviation for support. The full limits of his abilities have yet to be properly gauged as he was still but a raw recruit when he was taken in then discharged by Stormwatch.


    Kheran Dream Engine

    Malcolm ended up being put into a coma by his brother, unbeknownst to him at the time however. The elder King had planted a piece of kherubim technology within his mind and body. Giving Malcolm now dubbed Belleraphon during his stint in the Monarchy, possession of a symbiotic device which reads the users thoughts and enabled them to reshape reality around themselves for a short while, backed by Trelene's bolstered augmentation abilities in tandem with the powers of his teammates Malcolm was able to deconstruct and reshape a tainted reality turning it into a massive shift-ship for The Monarchy to police the multiverse through.


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