Stormy Foster

    Character » Stormy Foster appears in 33 issues.

    Stormy Foster, the Great Defender was once a shy drug store clerk before becoming a World War II era superhero. On Earth 2 he is the Australian commander of World Army.

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    The Great Defender was really Stormy Foster a soda jerk who worked at Vaughan's Cut Rate Drugs. Dr. Vaughn, the owner of the shop develops something called the Super Vitamin Pill.

    Taking it without the knowledge of its inventor Stormy finds he can temporarily gain super strength, speed, and endurance and for some reason a pencil-thin mustache (the mustache would disappear when the super vitamin wore off), later he also gains a gun that shoots knockout gas, donning a costume and using these assets he battles crime and the enemies of democracy as The Great Defender.

    New 52

    General "Stormy" Foster make his appearance in Earth 2 as the commander of the World Army ready to strike on the Steppenwolf controlled country of Dherain. During the war against Steppenwolf, Stormy's plane was blown up by Hunger Dogs member Brutaal, killing everyone inside. He is currently presumed dead.


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