Who do you want on the new team?

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J'onn, Hawksmoor, Apollo, and Midnighter are the only ones confirmed so far.


Just some options, I don't want them all on the same team:


- Winter

- Maj (unless he gets a better gig, I don't want DC to forget him)

- Xombi

- Wally West (there's no news of him anywhere)

- Hellstrike

- Fuji

- Jackson King

- Jakita Wagner

- Jenny Sparks or Quantum (I think it's possible)

- Swift

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It matters what this stormwatch team ill be doing and how hard will they hit 
Jack Hawksmoor, King of cities
Midnighter, Better in combat than Bats
Apollo.for your supermanish need
Manhunter, Kinda like a swiss army knife,
Flint, strong powerful not wonder woman
Black Halo, i know this is like asking for Icon, but hey its a wishlist 
Swift, so much better than any of the hawks, less BS 
Ragman, Yeah odd call, but think about it, he fits in 
Wall West. speedster 

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Well the confirmed 4.  Add to that you need some diversity.  As a team that has been hinted to handle those things that others do not know about, i would consider this to be the new SHEILD and as such deniability is a must. 
Flint- or Thunder as tough as nails hard hitting female. 
Swift because a flier is needed and being she is not American adds to the international feel 
Winter because you CANNOT have SW without him and add to that his energy absording ability makes for a good character to round out the team. 
Wally West or another of the 'Flash' Speedsters could work.   
Then I think a Lantern would be a good fit as well... Or Union! (Give him some rewritten history where the Justice stone is somesort of Battery/Ring hybrid - possibly prototype that was stolen and used by his homeworld). 
And being there is no sign of Backlash or WildCATs, either Marc or Spartan could be used on the team.  Spartan as a control point for the team similar to how they portrayed him at the end of the WildStorm verse, but with a body (see Vision/Ultron stories coming from him).  And Marc was the 'TRAINER' and who better to have as a covert agent than WildStorm's/DC's own Spider-Man type character.

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