Stormwatch #5 [MAJOR SPOILERS] - That room...

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If you're planning on reading Stormwatch #5 and haven't yet, and you don't want to be spoiled, go back now. Yes, now!


The most stand-out page of this issue was, for most people, probably the last one. It'll be crossing over with Superman next month and Grifter in March. In regards to Superman, we've already know that Helspont will be appearing in Superman later on, as seen on the cover for Superman #8. And Grifter...well, he's a Wildstorm character, so something of this sort was to be expected (he's also had a crossover with Midnighter atleast once, I think).

What I want to bring to attention is this panel, shown about a third of the way through #5:

More specifically, look at the items in this room...
More specifically, look at the items in this room...

I spy:

  • A daemonite in a bottle?
  • The box containing the Holy Grail (seen in Demon Knights #4)
  • Bottle-City of Kandor?
  • A shield?
  • A stick, staff, or maybe the scabbard of a sword (perhaps Excalibur?)
  • A Green Lantern Ring (looks a little big though...)
  • Jenny Sparks' shirt

Some of this may seem wild and silly, but did you know:

  • What seems to be the Bottle-City of Kandor appears in the cover for Action Comics #8.
  • Demon Knights is supposed to be the origin of the Stormwatch organization. Also, Merlin and Adam One are hinted to be one and the same
  • Martian Manhunter, member of Stormwatch, appeared in Green Lantern Corps #4

And as shown by the final page (post at the top of this thread), the Eye of the Storm, presumably scattering the items stored on the ship...

Stormwatch seems to be affecting a number of titles, quickly at that too.

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Pretty interesting, I was wondering all of this myself.  

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