So what happens to Stormwatch after issue 19?

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Out of asking I know it's said the team will be in another dimension, just which dimension? Earth 2? Or somewhere completely different? Reasons why I'm saying this is because having a love for the characters and seeing how poorly they have been treated currently is just criminal. So where do Apollo, Midnighter and Engineer along with Jenny Quantum and Jack Hawksmoore go from issue 19?

Any facts about these characters on what happends will be appreciated and also your thoughts on what should happen would be loved just as much.

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It will be fun if the main earth Stormwatch sees the Wildstorm universe Stormwatch and Authority.

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By the looks of the solicits, the latest creative team is reverting the characters to their old costumes. Midnighter is back in the leather jacket, and kickin butt!

Also, it looks like HellStrike will be making his DC debut (or someone that looks like HellStrike).

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The quality went from bad to worst.

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