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StormWatch, the United Nations Special Crisis Intervention Team, was formed to act as powerful police force on a global scale. But Weatherman Henry Bendix, the controller of the super-hero team, has decided that this course of action is no longer effective. Recruiting the electric Jenny Sparks, the lethal assassin Rose Tattoo, and the city-symbiote Jack Hawksmoor, the Weatherman transforms the once reactive team into a proactive, take-no-prisoners strike team and makes the reader question the way that super-hero teams are perceived.

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"Didn't you ever want to change the world?" These are the words of Weatherman Henry Bendix, controller of StormWatch --- The United Nations Special Crisis Intervention Team. Determined to become more than a political firefighter when problems arise, Bendix reorganizes his regiment from the ground up. Recruiting the electric Jenny Spark, city-symbiote Jack Hawksmore, and the infamous assassin Rose Tattoo, he adds the covert strike-team StormWatch Black to his army of superbeings. With a proactive attitude and a take-no-prisoners approach. Weatherman transforms a once-cliched police force into a global powerhouse.

This volume collects STORMWATCH #37-42, presenting the first stories by acclaimed comics writer Warren Ellis. FORCE OF NATURE takes StormWatch in a bold new direction, changing the actions of super-hero teams are perceived.

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