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Powering up synapses

At this point of the new 52 I find myself liking Voodoo and Grifter so much that it is mostly pretty necessary to also be following along with events here.  And that is not necessarily a bad thing, as the series has has been maintaining a decent level of interest thus far, even if it has not been outstanding at any point yet.  This issue however is probably the best thus far, not so much for the action, but rather for how that action is conceived.  While the others try to salvage what is left of the station, Jack Hawksmoor is trying to communicate with it (as it is technically a city as they say.)  This brings together the team and finally gels them together where there had been some dissension previously.  It is a pretty typical comic book storyline except for the portion with Hawksmoor, which at the very least deserves some credit for the novelty of the scenario.  This finally gets the series going to a place where it should be, a sort of secret Justice League.  

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    Debris 0

    You know, I've realized something. Miguel Sepulveda REALLY likes debris. Its something usually taken for granted, but in Stormwatch I ALWAYS see tons of debris. A wide variety of debris in huge amounts. In fact when I give out my New 52 Awards at the end of the month, I think I'm giving a Best Debris to Stormwatch, because the depiction of debris in this series has frequently been good enough to register as a positive thing by itself in my reviews. I've just never talked about it at this length....

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