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They are Stormwatch, a dangerous super human police force whose existence is kept secret from the world Directly following the ominous events of SUPERMAN #1, Adam One leads half the Stormwatch team to recover the [INFORMATION REDACTED] from deep in the Himalayas. Meanwhile, Jack Hawksmoor and the rest of the Stormwatch crew look to recruit two of the deadliest super humans on the planet: Midnighter and Apollo! And if they say no? Perhaps the Martian Manhunter can change their minds...

General Notes

Superman appears in one panel of the issue but it does not count as a credited appearance as it is not actually Superman but a photo-shopped picture Projectionist finds on the Internet, depicting Apollo beating the tar out of "you-know-who" on

The Demon Knights also appear in a single panel as a flashback to what are assumed to be previous incarnations of Stormwatch.


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The Authority Enters the DCU 0

For centuries they've guided the destiny of human kind from the shadows. Now that heroes have gone public will it make their jobs easier or more difficult? Adam One isn't taking any chances on the latter being the case and set's his sights on the solar powered juggernaut Apollo being his ace in the hole.The GoodI absolutely love how big Cornell's thinking with this series. This book immediately feels like it has an ambitious narrative it wants to tell with action happening in Moscow, on the moon...

8 out of 8 found this review helpful.

Welcome to the DCU, Stormwatch! 0

Welcome to the DCU, Stormwatch!   I know this fan didn’t expect to be writing about you for a long time.   But I’m glad that the time came sooner rather than later. When I first heard that the Wildstorm characters were going to be integrated into the DCU, I couldn’t help but share a little of everyone’s skepticism.   The Wildstorm characters were like the neighborhood tough guys.   They were not afraid to kill the evil super-powered beings of the world, so how would this attitude translate to th...

6 out of 6 found this review helpful.

What Is Stormwatch? 0

The Story:Stormwatch is a group who protects the world from deadly threats and have been around for centuries and have remained a secret.My Thoughts:When this series was initially announced, I hadn't planned on picking it up. I had never read Stormwatch although I want to at some point. I was unsure whether or not I would be able to follow and understand it without having any knowledge on their characters. I decided to pick it up since it was getting good reviews, Paul Cornell was writing it and...

3 out of 3 found this review helpful.
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