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    A member of Payback, later The Seven, Raised as a member of the Hitler Youth, and first successful superhuman. He lost his eye in a battle with The Female, and was later killed by The Boys.

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    Stormfront is most likely a close amalgam of Whiz/DC Comic Character Captain Marvel and Marvel Comic Character Thor. His public origin is that he is a reincarnated Viking and his use of electrical powers and apparant, albeit limited control of the weather lend credence to this assumption. He can also fly at super sonic speed, causing a sonic boom outside of a building the Boys were trying to escape. He is supposed to be the second most powerful super being, second only to Homelander and has proven more than a match for any single member of The Boys.

    Stormfront is the most powerful member of the super team Payback and essentially controls the team, mainly through fear.

    His true origin, which is a secret from the general public is that he was the first successful super soldier of the Third Reich, even though he was just a child. Hitler's advisers thought that he should be destroyed but instead the creator of V, brought him to America.

    He has been a worldwide corperate enforcer all along filling the role as a public hero.

    He views non Aryan races to be inferior and loathes those he considers impure. He often uses off color racial slurs and shows general contempt for everyone.

    Although very powerful, he is probably at the upper range of the super hero maximum, he can be injured, He was beaten with baseball bats and tire irons by super humanly strong opponents, and the bats did not break, nor did the tire iron bend, and he lost teeth and bled. His skin seems quite resiliant to sharp trauma, but not so much against blunt trauma. Mother's Milk of the Boys squeezed his testicles hard enough to cause him to bleed through his costume. The Female of the Boys was unable to cut his face with her fingernails but was able to pluck out one of his eyes. Butcher threw shards of broken glass into his good eye and although it did not blind him, the pain was enough to get his attention and make him fear going blind.

    His final battle ended with Butcher, Mother's Milk, The Frenchman and Love Sausage, stomping him to death. Butcher literally stomped his brains out and Mother's Milk crushed his genital area apparently causing his lower intestines to rupture.

    Stormfront hero worshipped Hitler and willingly, one could say enthusiastically enjoyed performing acts of genocide on behalf of his creators Vought-American.

    However unlikely, it is not unheard of for superhumans to come back to life, in a limited manner, and we might not have heard the last of Stormfront, even if he does return as some sort of pseudo-zombie.

    Other Media

    The Boys

    Stormfront makes her live action debut as a genderbent version of themselves, like comics she's a racist nazi bitch.

    She joins the 7 in season 2


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