Object » Stormbringer appears in 65 issues.

    A Chaos forged black blade capable of draining the souls of those cut by it.

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    Stormbringer is a tremendously powerful sword. Like the Ebony Blade from Marvel comics it can cut through most substances and can withstand any impact, along with that the vampiric blade can drain the souls of those it kills. To be more precise a single cut from the blade is enough for it to devour the soul of the wounded person.

    Some amount of vital energy is also transferred through the blade and into the user. While this energy can be used to augment the physical stamina of the user, it's not without limits. Besides it is called Stealer of Souls for this reason. If it takes enough souls, Stormbringer will stop feeding energy to its user and instead just accumulate it. Since it's magical in origin, the blade is also easily used to counteract other forms of magic.

    As normally depicted, the blade has a dragon and rune pattern which seems to swirl within it. Stormbringer is a near god-like vampiric entity and it has a powerful thirst for souls. Under a mentally weak user the blade can control his or her actions and even the strongest wielders may sometimes encounter a moment of mental weakness which the blade will exploit to its own advantages.

    Stormbringer has a "brother", or as close as a weapon can get, Mournblade. Mournblade, is capable of all the same actions as Stormbringer, the only difference it wielder were weaker.


    • The sword is potentially useless against undead, ghost and soulless creatures.
    • Chaos born monster and wild life really give no nourishment to the user.
    • After countless killing the blade will become satisfied and will not help it's user.

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