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    Stormbreaker is the enchanted hammer that is carried by Beta Ray Bill. Its enchantments are the same as those of Mjolnir: Thor's enchanted hammer. Stormbreaker was given as a gift to Beta Ray Bill from Odin.

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    Stormbreaker was forged by Eitri a Dwarf of Nidavellir, and enchanted by Odin after Beta Ray Bill defeated Thor in hand-to hand combat but refused to kill him, it made its first appearance in Thor #339. It has all of the strengths of Mjolnir but none of it's limitations. Stormbreaker may only be wielded by Beta Ray Bill, or those who are worthy enough to lift it so far only Thor, Beta Ray Bill, and Odin have proven worthy.


    When Odin commissioned the hammer to be crafted, Eitri demanded a price of him. The dwarves had a champion, and Eitri demanded Odin send a woman to defeat the champion. If the woman bested the champion, the dwarves would forge the hammer. If the champion won, the female would become the champion's chattel. Odin chose Sif for this battle and she bested the Throgg the Dwarf. Sif then learned that Throgg had ruled the dwarves with his freakish size, and that having been defeated by a woman he would never show his face again. The Dwarves gained their freedom, and a tale to tell for ages to come. Thus Eitri fulfilled his bargain and forged Stormbreaker.


    As Stormbreaker is an enchanted weapon of Asgard similar to Thor's hammer Mjolnir, it has unique properties and attributes. It is an extremely powerful weapon.

    • Elemental Control: the ability to summon and create storms, lightning blasts, intense gale force winds, and rain.
    • Energy Projection: aside from lightning, there are powerful concussive type blasts as well composed of some type of mystical energy
    • Flight: Stormbreaker allows Beta Ray Bill flight, including into the depths of space. Also has exhibited Faster Than Light high end travel speeds.
    • Striking Power: incredibly strong striking blunt force trauma blows
    • Teleportation: the ability to transport interdimensionally (such as to Asgard) or to teleport objects (such as when teleported a comet into Ego the living planet)
    • Return to Sender: the hammer returns to Beta Ray Bill's hand after being thrown such as Mjolnir does to Thor. It is also able to be summoned to Bill if out of his hands without being thrown.
    • Worthiness: Similar to Mjolnir, only those who are worthy may lift and wield Stormbreaker. To dat the only beings capable of accomplishing this are Odin, Beta Ray Bill, and Eric Masterson Thor.

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