Why do you love Storm?

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For me I love her because She doesn't always result to violence, She like to talk things out first(unless you endanger the ones she love). Thats such a huge impact because in this world today. People use violence for all the wrong reasons. Plus she is a bad *** (all she need is to use the wind pressure and lightning as super strength and she'll be very high tier opponent)

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I love Storm for the same reasons I love cheesecake.

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I LOVE Storm becasue she is a unique character. Her personality is very motherly like she is a strong independent woman that will go head to head with the most powerful people in the Universe and not back down. She will call you out on your shit and if you mess with any of her friends or fellow mutants she will go off on you and may kill you. I like her becasue she doesn't jump to conclusions she's asses the whole problem and looks for the BEST solution. When it comes to powers she is VERY powerful (I could talk about her powers FOREVER) not only that she is one of few Heroes with a versatile power set. She can manipulate Cosmic energy, Electromagnetic Energy, Electric Energy, Magic Energy, Thermal, Kinetic ETC. Not only that her powers can adapt to whatever environment you put her in. Throw her in space she can manipulate Cosmic power and has Cosmic Awareness, Throw her in a different dimension her powers change, but they are very destructive and more powerful, make her face a Magic person she can manipulate magic energy as well. This woman can do it all. I love the fact that she holds back becasue she KNOWS she can easily take out a good handful of the Marvel Heroes, but holds back. To me that shows she is very humble.

Storm is a very powerful and interesting character that can offer a lot more to the Marvel Universe.

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I don't love strom. But might like her if they turn her Pop , rock star type hair into original long hair. and change her stupid origin story of thief . to original origin story.

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Ummm...what was the original origin story thst didn't include her being a thief?

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She's dark and hot.

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She is a Goddess. What more need be said? ...Oh that wasn't enough... fine here goes.

The reason above all others to why i Love Storm... She CHOSE to be who she is today. With only extremely limited exceptions (i can only really think of Captain America), no other heroes have chosen to change their lives to become a Super Hero. Storm was worshipped as a Goddess. She had everything. Yet she didn't hesitate to step down off her pedestal to become hated and feared by the rest of the world, in order to fight to save, defend and protect it. Ororo showed her character that day. Others default into heroing, or they flee for help that transforms them somehow (whether through training for control, safe refuge from violent persecution). Ororo was already a hero to millions. She remains their Desert Goddess to this day.

That she has finally assumed her natural position as the Leader of Mutantkind is, IMHO, destiny.

Her powers are a whole other chapter of Storm's awesomeness, and others have mentioned those already.

As much as i detested her relationship with Black Panther, his mother actually has a fantastic quote about Storm from before he proposes. "She is a Warrior on a Galactic Scale," There's more but i don't have access to the issue... but it was very on point about our goddess.

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i just do.

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I love her so much that I don't know where to start. I just love her and so crazy for her. :)

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