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    Myke Chypurz underwent 75 surgical procedures in order to be capable of weather control placing lightning generators in his chest cavity. He was a member of Justice League of Earth.

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    Myke Chypurz was dared to try out for the Legion of Super-Heroes in order to get into a fraternity. Myke kept a device hidden in his clothes that could create storms and harsh winds, and called himself Storm Boy during the tryout. But his ruse was discovered by Cosmic Boy, and by order of the Legion Constitution rule that no member be allowed on the team with no superpowers, Myke was rejected.

    Many years later, Myke become bitter and obsessive about his rejection, going so far to have wind and lightning generating machines implanted in his chest cavity. He joined the Justice League of Earth, a team of other Earth-born Legion rejects, and called himself Storm Boy again. The J.L.E. preached that the Legion lied about Superman's Kryptonian origins and started a hate campaign against all extraterrestrials. Myke become more and more petty about his original rejection, acting childlike and calling the Legion "bullies". It got to a point that he kept requesting more and more surgeries and implants, even though the surgeons could no longer sedate him as it would damage the machines.

    When the Legion of Substitute-Heroes attacked the J.L.E.'s satellite headquarters, Myke fought Chlorophyll Kid, who argued that even though he claimed he could talk to plants, Myke was the one who used a machine. At that point, Polar Boy stopped him cold, freezing his exposed machinery since Myke had been in the middle of another operation when the Subs attacked. Myke and the rest of the J.L.E. were sent to Takron-Galtos.

    Myke and the rest of the Justice League returned in Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds, when they were freed from Takron-Galtos by Superman-Prime. The Justice League joined the Legion of Super-Villains, temporarily, until they finally destroyed the Legion. During the battle of Metropolis, Night Girl used the dark clouds that Myke was creating in order to enhance her superstrength. He was later subdued by Saturn Girl. 
    When Lightning Lad went to speak with his brother, Lightning Lord, at New Takron-Galtos, Myke joked from his cell if it was a "conjugal visit". This earned him an electric shock through the bars of his cell. 

    Alternate Versions

    In the "Five Years Later" continuity of the Legion, Myke had moved on from his initial rejection and became an expert in the field of weather and weather machines. When he discovered that the Dominator-controlled Earthgov was manipulating the weather for their own agenda, he brought this information to the Legion who, at the time, was facing a severe number of members leaving, allowed him to join just before they disbanded. He would go on to aid the resistance against the Dominion.

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