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    Jerry Sledge is the young hero known as Stonewall; he is an important part of the Secret Warriors. His power comes from his father, the Absorbing Man.

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    Before the Skrulls' Secret Invasion, Nick Fury asked Daisy Johnson to recruit people from his files. They were to become his new secret strike force. One of those Johnson recruited was a man named Jerry Sledge. He was later referred to as Stonewall, due to the stone-like appearance his skin took on when he increased in size. After being seriously beaten by Fury in a training match, Stonewall understood Fury's strategies and how serious the Skrull threat was to Earth and he devoted himself to Fury's Secret Warriors.

    Secret Warrior

    As a loyal member to Nick Fury's team, Stonewall fought Hydra alongside team members Yo Yo Rodriguez, Daisy Johnson, Hellfire, and The Druid. When Daisy decided to let the Secret Warriors engage The Gorgon (a member of Hydra who was believed to be dead) Yo Yo Rodriguez was severely injured. Stonewall stayed alongside her in order to make sure she was safe.


    When the Secret Warriors faced members of Norman Osborn's Dark Avengers, Stonewall came into face-to-face combat with Ares. During the battle, he was hit by Ares' axe and took on a metallic appearance instead of stone. This has led to much speculation that his powers are hereditary, which he might have inherited from the Absorbing Man.

    It was revealed in issue #12 of Secret Warriors, that Stonewall's father is in fact Absorbing Man, who he visited with Yo-Yo in prison. He was conceived before his father got his power, but after one day coming into contact with his father caused Stonewall to gain his powers.

    New Avengers

    Nick Fury, Stonewall and the rest of the Secret Warriors recently find Steve Rogers and members of the New Avengers. Together they repel incoming HAMMER agents and return to the Avengers safehouse in Brooklyn. They just learned about the assault on Thor by the Initiative and prepare to strike back.

    Powers & Abilities


    As the name Stonewall suggests, he has extreme strength and endurance beyond that of a normal human being. He is able to withstand heavy attacks, absorb the energy and redirect it.

    Superhuman Growth

    Stonewall has been able to substantially increase his size and mass. When he grows in size, his skin does not stretch, and his mass increases in ratio.

    Material Absorption & Metamorphosis

    When attacked by Gorgon, Stonewall didn't just grow in size but also changed his physiology. He appeared to be made of stone. In a fight against Ares, Stonewall was attacked by Ares' axe. He seemed to reproduce the metallic substance of the axe and changed his own genetic structure into the same material.


    Stonewall is the second Marvel character to have this codename. Therefore he is not to be confused with Louis Hamilton, the original Stonewall who was a member of Mystique's Freedom Force & Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.


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