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    The first Stonewall was a former WWII fighter and group member of Freedom force. The second Stonewall is part of Nick Fury's Secret Commandos.

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     Crimson Commando, Stonewall & Super Sabre
     Crimson Commando, Stonewall & Super Sabre

    Along with his allies Crimson Commando and Super Sabre, Stonewall was a former World War II fighter.  The three wished to continue fighting crime for the government together, and therefore fought communism during the Cold War until they were forced into retirement.  Angered by what they perceived as a decline in morals in the United States, the trio became vigilantes.  Together the three veterans captured criminals, whom they would later release and hunt in the wilderness of upstate New York.  Their sadistic methods helped to reduce the criminal element in society and provided themselves with the enjoyment of hunting them. 


    Thinking Storm was a criminal they tried to capture her, but Stonewall and Commando were defeated and turned themselves into the law and admitted their vigilantism.  Later all three were recruited by their government once more and therefore joined Mystique's group funded by the government call Freedom Force.   

    Stonewall's first mission with Freedom Force took place during The Fall of the Mutants.  Freedom Force tried to prevent the X-Men from entering a building in which Destiny had prophesied that they would die.  In the aftermath, Stonewall aided Freedom Force in protecting Forge from the New Mutants and attempted to apprehend Cyclops and Marvel Girl.

    Death & Resurrection 

    Stonewall and his allies were on a mission on Muir Island to defend the Island from the Reavers when he was killed by Donald Pierce.   

     It was decades later when Stonewall was resurrected.  When Eli Bard absorbed the transmode virus, he gained the ability to infect the dead & restore their bodies & souls.  However, once resurrected a person was then forced to serve Eli & his mistress Selene.  As someone who was resurrected by Eli Bard, Stonewall was included in the attack up on the X-Men's headquarters of Utopia


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    Stonewall's main power was his ability to maintain his footing while withstanding impacts. He stood up to impacts from Rogue and the Blob without falling. However opponents of great skill could knock him down. He also possesses super human strength, endurance, and durability.     


    • Stonewall, like Crimson Commando & Silver Sabre, was named after a famous general from American history.  His codename was the nickname of the Confederate General Thomas 'Stonewall' Jackson. 

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