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    Stone was a favored pupil of Stick and helped train both Daredevil and Elektra. Also, is second in command of the good ninja cell called Chaste to Stick.

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    One of the ninjas from the Chaste cell , Stone is a formidable warrior. He operated with his master Stick, Claw, Shaft, Star, Flame and Wing in assisting Daredevil in Hell's Kitchen against The Hand. His keen senses sometimes allow him to detect enemies before even Daredevil can. He has also been trained in some of the more mystic arts to include channeling energy. Stone revives a decomposing Black Widow after being exposed to molecular poison. He is also physically tough, and has been known to receive numerous ninja stars to the chest and not be phased.

    Earth-1610 [Ultimate]

    In the Ultimate universe, Master Stone is an old lady, black-belt of martial arts, who taught Elektra and her friends to defend themselves from the bullies in university.

    Other Media

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    Stone hasn't appeared in any other media except in "Daredevil" (Netflix) Season 1, Episode 7: Stick.

    Stick (Scott Glenn) and Stone (Jasson Finney)


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