Stone Ocean #9

    Stone Ocean » Stone Ocean #9 - Midoriiro no Tanjō released by Shueisha on November 2001.

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    Proper Japanese Title: Midoriiro no Tanjō (緑色の誕生)

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 667: Burn Dragon's Dream! (6) (燃えよ竜の夢 その6 Moe yo Doragonzu Dorīmu Sono 6)
    • Chapter 668: Burn Dragon's Dream! (7) (燃えよ竜の夢 その7 Moe yo Doragonzu Dorīmu Sono 7)
    • Chapter 669: Father: Jotaro Kujo - Daughter: Jolyne Cujoh (父·空条承太郎 娘·空条徐倫 Chichi: Kūjō Jōtarō Musume: Kūjō Jorīn)
    • Chapter 670: Birth Of The "Green" (1) (緑色の誕生 その1 Midoriiro no Tanjō Sono 1)
    • Chapter 671: Birth Of The "Green" (2) (緑色の誕生 その2 Midoriiro no Tanjō Sono 2)
    • Chapter 672: Here Comes Yo-Yo Ma! (1) (ヨーヨーマッが来る! その1 Yōyōma ga Kuru! Sono 1)
    • Chapter 673: Here Comes Yo-Yo Ma! (2) (ヨーヨーマッが来る! その2 Yōyōma ga Kuru! Sono 2)
    • Chapter 674: Here Comes Yo-Yo Ma! (3) (ヨーヨーマッが来る! その3 Yōyōma ga Kuru! Sono 3)
    • Chapter 675: Here Comes Yo-Yo Ma! (4) (ヨーヨーマッが来る! その4 Yōyōma ga Kuru! Sono 4)


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    Story Arcs

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