Character » Stone-Face appears in 17 issues.

    Leader of his own gang. He's called Stone-Face, because half his face is paralyzed.

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    Stone-Face was a leader of a gang in Harlem and would come into conflict with Captain America and the Falcon. The Falcon's nephew named Jody Casper was a numbers runner for Stone-Face when he was arrested by a cop. The judge suspended Jody's sentence because Sam Wilson and Captain America interceded on his behalf. Stone-Face believed that Jody ratted on them because the judge let him off easy. Stone-Face sent some of his hoods to rough up Jody and his mom. Falcon and Captain America come after Stone-Face and his gang after they shot Jody's mom. Stone-Face took a beating from the Falcon and knocked onto the ground by Captain America's shield. Stone-Face was apprehended by the police and Sam Wilson's sister survived from her injuries.

    Stone Face had returned after his latest set back to the Falcon and Captain America. The Falcon had just been defeated by Spider-Man and decided to keep the loss secret from Captain America. Before he could continue his search for the Wall-Crawler; Stone Face's men ambushed him and they were able to take him prisoner. Spider-Man earlier tagged Falcon with a Spider-Tracer, and was next able to locate Stone Face's hideout and then rescue him. Later on, Spider-Man leads Falcon and Captain America back to Stone Face's hideout, and the team were able to take down his gang. Falcon defeated Stone Face and the criminal was handed over to police.


    Stone-Face was created by Stan Lee and Gene Colan in 1970 and first appeared in Captain America # 134.


    Stone-Face was the leader of his gang and used automatic rifles.


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