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Having just defeated one of the Empire's Elite soldiers to rescue Captain Suv, Zizi faces off against Imperial Commander Jango and his mighty warship. As the battle with the Empire wages on, Zizi will eventually be forced to confront the Empress Gao -- and the crushing weight of destiny itself!

Zizi and Suv have climbed on top of a sand whale's back after being attacked by one of Jango's lobstermen. Zizi threatens him, but Suv tries to hold her back. Seeing that they're still alive, Jango orders his ship to fire. Zizi dodges the bullets, and manages to work her way back to Jango's ship by jumping across the sand whales' backs, while Jango and his crew are attacked by the various sea creatures. Jango orders his ship to disengage and retreat, but Zizi comes riding a flying sandturtle and almost stabs him with her harpoon. Suv stops her right before the harpoon makes contact, and is then surprised to find Nico firing his vessel's blasters; scoring a hit on Jango. Suv, Zizi, and Nene escape back to Suv's ship. Jango, still alive but horribly disfigured, swears vengeance upon the motley crew for ruining his "beautiful" face.

A safe distance away from the imperial vessel, Suv confronts Zizi and Nico about their aggressive actions. Nene slaps Suv for yelling at Zizi, but Nico stops her and tells them that Suv is right. Suv was trying to keep everybody safe, but the empire will be hunting them now. Nico reveals that he has seen the brutality of imperial army... because he used to be one. Suv offered him a fresh start.

Running low on fuel after their escape, Suv and crew are forced to stop at the next port. Thankfully, it's untouched by the empire. As they come ashore, Zizi notices how decrepit the place looks and remarks that she has a bad feeling about it. Before they can far, they're set upon by a gang of toughs. Suv tries to reason with them; telling the gang that they're not the enemy. Suddenly, a hulking figure jumps down. The stranger appears to be a stereotypical pirate, with a bandanna over one eye, and even a floating parrot in a diving suit. Suv greets the pirate by calling him "Bancho". Bancho leers at him menacingly, and tells Suv that he owes him payback for what happened to his eye. Bancho then lets out a loud laugh, and admits that he was "yankin' his chain".

Suv, Zizi, and Nene come aboard Bancho's ship, the Maria. Much like Bancho himself, his ship is decked out like a classical pirate ship. After hearing about Zizi attacking the empire, Bancho is amazed and offers her a position with his crew. Zizi then mystifies everyone by asking what the deal with the empire is. Bancho explains to her that the empire is the last human government. They have a powerful military and have been exterminating anything that gets in their way. He re-offers Zizi a position in his crew, but she turns him down by saying that she's looking for the Lost Continent. Bancho laughs uproariously, and tells Ziz that only idiots want to go to the Golden City. The mention of "gold" is enough to get Suv interested, and he starts harassing Bancho for information. Bancho pulls out his globe of the ancient earth, and tells Suv and Zizi that the Golden City is on the Forgotten Continent. He then decides that he's been cooped up in the port for too long, and tells them that if they sail for the Forgotten Continent; he'll accompany them.

That night while, while the pirates are all sleeping, an imperial officer tells Jango that they've tracked the traitors. Jango orders full-speed ahead, and again swears vengeance for the ruin of his "beautiful" face.

Everyone on Bancho's island is asleep(or in Suv's case passed out drunk) when they're rocked by a round of deafening explosions. Zizi rushes outside to see what's happening, followed by Suv who tries to keep her from getting involved and making things worse. In the the distance, she can see Jango aboard his ship. Jango uses a bullhorn and announces his intentions to kill everyone on the island unless they surrender Zizi.

The islanders send out a ship and Jango is overjoyed to see Zizi aboard. He is even more gleeful to see Bancho(number three on the empire's most wanted list) is with her. The two ships fire at each other. Jango's men try to get him to come inside where it's safer, but he refuses. He wants his face to be the last thing Bancho sees before he enters Hell. Finally, Jango scores a direct hit, and it seems Bancho's wooden pirate ship is destroyed. Jango rejoices, until he sees something moving amongst the smoke and debris. Now that it's wooden carapace is destroyed, Bancho's sleek, missile-like armored ship is revealed. Bancho steers his ship right into Jango's; utterly destroying both the imperial ship and it's evil captain.

Back onshore, Bancho's people celebrate. Bancho tells the celebrants that the empire will be back, but when they do... he'll be the first to strike. Zizi feels guilty about leading the empire to Bancho, but he tells her not worry about it. It would only have been a matter of time before they were found anyways. He gives Zizi a pep talk and tells her to keep her common sense and she'll do fine. Suv scoffs and tels him that the very act of going against the empire defies common sense. Bancho asks Suv if he's going to help them fight the empire, but Suv is only interested in the gold from the Golden City. Bancho tells the rogue that his father would be ashamed of him. Besides, as far the empire is concerned they're both wanted men now. Suv looks at Zizi and her confident expression and finally caves in.

As Zizi, Suv, and his crew prepare to leave Bancho's haven, he tells them that they need to seek out Rockman- the sole survivor of a previous journey to the Golden City. Bancho promises Zizi that they'll meet again, and with that the ragtag bunch make their departure.

Later, Suv's vessel is sailing through some really thick fog and his crew becomes frightened. They become even moreso, when they realize that they're about to be sailing through what appears to be giant dinosaur skeleton. Zizi innocently asks if the skeleton is Rockman. Suv tells her not to be stupid.

Zizi, Suv, and crew are sailing through the dinosaur graveyard; still searching for Rockman. Zizi spots a small island with a shack on it, and Suv orders full speed ahead. They reach the island, and get their first look at Rockman. He is an extremely old, extremely thin man reclining on a beach chair. He is bald, scarred, and missing one eye and half an ear. Suv is afraid that he's dead, but suddenly the figure sits up. Zizi politely asks him about the Forgotten Continent, but the man shouts that he doesn't know. Suv tries smooth talking him, but when that fails he grabs Rockman and starts yelling and threatening him. Rockman still refuses to answer causing Suv to pull a gun on him. Zizi angrily tries to take the gun away, and Rockman notices the tattoo on her hand. He suddenly goes berserk and grabs her knife. He acts like he's about to stab Zizi, but then screams and runs into his hut. Zizi tries to follow, but Nico tells her that Rockman is too dangerous right now.

Alone in his hut, Rockman has a flashback about his voyage to the Forgotten Continent. We see that when he was younger, Rockman was buff with long blonde hair. He and his men celebrate arriving at the Forgotten Continent and prepare to enter the Golden City. The next scene is of all Rockman's men massacred by a sinister woman dressed all in black. On her forehead, she has the same tattoo as Zizi. Finally, we see a traumatized Rockman rowing alone in a canoe, and dealing with survivor's guilt. Back in the present, Rockman grabs the knife and exits the hut.

Zizi and Suv, meanwhile, have spent all night outside waiting for him. Rockman approaches Zizi and almost slices her throat. He asks her if she knows about the tattoo on her hand. Zizi responds that she only knows that she's had it ever since she was born. She says the reason she has to go to the Forgotten Continent is to find out who she is. Rockman tells her that her mark is the same as Gao's; the imperial queen. Suv deduces that the Golden City must be the capital of the empire. Zizi asks Rockman where it is; she still plans on going. She makes a stirring speech about how not knowing where one comes from is a fate worse than death, and Rockman stares at her intently.

As the sun rises, we see that Rockman is going to accompany Zizi and crew to the Forgotten Continent. Zizi asks him about his sea charts, but Rockman just points to his head and grins. As they set sail, we get a glimpse of the old Rockman for a brief moment.

Word travels quickly around the planet that Rockman is on the move. Bancho and a large group of other pirates decide to sail to Rockman in the hopes that he'll lead them against the empire.

Meanwhile, Suv is growing frustrated that Rockman is just standing on the prow of the ship not moving or saying anything. Suddenly, Rockman jumps off deck and spears a passing sandwhale with his harpoon. As he climbs back aboard, Suv confronts him and asks him when he's going to lead them to the Golden City. Rockman tells Suv to shut up and do as he says. Suv is about to throw the decrepit old man overboard, but is interrupted by Wolf pointing out an approaching fleet of ships.

The fleet turns out to be led by Bancho. He greets Suv and Zizi, but the other pirates are only interested in Rockman. They see the old man standing off to the side, and are unconvinced of his ability. A female pirate questions Rockman's loyalty since he was the only survivor of his previous voyage. Zizi steps forward and tells the pirates that their bickering is useless. She tells them that the only way to defeat the empire is to work together. The pirates are impressed with Zizi's leadership. Suddenly, an imperial ship approaches but the pirates notice something different about it. The captain is revealed to be Suv's father, who is also a pirate vengeful against the empire.

The fleet sets sail. One pirate on a small ship is excited about the fight against the empire, until a large wave of black sand splashes aboard disintegrating him and his crew. It is the Black Current, and the pirates are sailing right for it. Rockman orders the fleet to sail quickly straight ahead, meanwhile the Black Current is dissolving sand whales, and leaving pockets of clear sand. Rockman tells the fleet that it's the only way through the Black Current. Bancho orders his ship to take the rear. The ships manage to navigate their way through the treacherous path, the path begins shrinking and Bancho's ship becomes trapped. Zizi attempts to go back to rescue him, but Bancho stops her and tells her to fulfill her destiny. His body slowly being eaten away by the Black Current; Bancho detonates his ship creating a whirlpool which sucks up the Black Current. With a final shout he tells Zizi to live free.

The fleet continues to sail, and as they approach the Forgotten Continent Zizi shouts not to let Bancho's sacrifice in vain. Meanwhile, the evil Gao smiles sinisterly and remarks that the fledgling has returned to the nest.

While rumors fly on Zizi and Nene's home island that Rockman has crossed the Black Current, Rockman and the motley assortment of pirates have entered into conflict with the imperial fleet. The captain of the imperial fleet, whose ship has a head that looks like a cenobite, fires his ship's cannons, while Suv's father's ship attacks with a giant drill. The pirates and the navy start battling hand to hand in an immense battle across several ships. Meanwhile, Gao says that Rockman must be enamored of her, and whispers for him to come to her.

Back at the scene of the battle, Suv and Zizi walk amongst the bodies. Suv actually becomes pensive and philosophical and tells Zizi that this is what war looks like. He had always avoided conflict in his search for wealth, but still managed to get dragged into it. Zizi tells him that to look at the world and dream to make it better is what it means to be human. Suv feels better, and proclaims that he's finally found the treasure he'd been searching for. Suv's father overhears; thinks he's talking about taking Zizi as his bride, and congratulates him. His father then transforms his ship to where it's almost standing upright. Beams then come out of his ship's skull's eyes, destroying the remnants of the imperial navy. Suv asks him why he didn't just do that to begin with; his father says that he was just waiting for the right time.

The pirates finally rush ashore, and begin their assault on the Golden City. Rockman, Suv, Zizi, and Nene approach the imperial palace, but are stopped when Gao appears at the entrance. She tells Rockman that the years have not been kind. Rockman has a violent flashback to his previous encounter with Gao. It's a bit hard to tell what's going on in the flashback, but Gao appears to be brutally raping the screaming Rockman. Back in the present, the heroes are surrounded by a gang of men. Rockman struggles, but is shocked when one of the men tells him to stop squirming and calls him father. Gao reveals that used Rockman's seed to create her "children". She then grabs Zizi's arm and shows her the tattoo on her hand. Gao reveals that she and Zizi are of the same blood.

Zizi angrily denies that she is related to Gao, but Gao tells her to search her feelings for she knows it to be true. Gao holds Zizi's hand to her belly and reveals that she's pregnant. The evil queen tells everyone that this is her last child and it will rise to dominate the earth. She tells Zizi that she at least should understand because they're of the same blood, but Zizi angrily tells her that she will never understand anyone who gives birth to destruction. Gao calmly tells the girl that she will "make her understand".

She takes the group and shows them her fleet and her army of lobstermen. Gao says that humanity is weak and must be guided by an overbearing hand. Nene tells her that she is obscene, but Gao pays her no mind. She goes on to say that mankind is waiting for extinction. For humanity to survive, they must evolve and if Zizi rejects that then humanity is doomed. Gao explains that during the rise of the Sakai, human scientists created a perfect set of genes; free from every flaw. The empire was created to give the earth back to the humans. Gao has given birth to many humans; including Zizi's parents. When Zizi's parents disobeyed Gao's will, they were escaped from the Golden City. Zizi angrily tells Gao that her "perfect" empire has done nothing bring oppression, death, and misery. Gao simply laughs at Zizi and tells her that she cannot deny her fate as humanity's mother, but suddenly begins convulsing. The evil queen is going into labor; while the great pirate battle still wages down below.

Later, Zizi takes the newborn baby and walks outside. Her interior monologue informs us that while most people hate the Sakai, Zizi loves it. She goes to the pirates and tells them that she doesn't know what they'll find, but there won't be anymore infighting. The pirate army cheers, and Zizi tells them to follow her; newborn in hand.



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