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Stocking is female angel who dresses in gothic clothes. She was kicked out of Heaven with her older sister Panty. She is able to turn he stockings into two swords(Stripes I and II).

Interests and Personality

Stocking, throughout the anime, is shown to be an intelligent and level headed person. She is often rude when provoked(often her sisters doing). She is also quite sensitive when people call her fat.

Stocking is extremely obsessed about sweet food. She eats an incredible amount and does not exercise(amazingly she keeps a good figure). She hates food that is spicy, just as much as her sister hates sweet food. According to stocking she has a very "special" standard in men. Though she does have a strange vision of attractive is, she often looks at the qualities on the inside.

Stocking is often shown carrying around her stuffed animal cat, bone kitten.

Powers and Abilities

Stocking throughout the series has been shown to be a quite skilled with swords. She can turn her stockings into two katanas. She can connect the two swords together at the hilt. It is unknown if she can change the type of swords Stripe I and II are. Her weapons can hurt angel, demons, and ghosts.


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