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    Power Girl's cat.

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    Major Story Arcs


    *First appearance of Stinky although he can be heard earlier.

    Wally Tortollini is rummaging through the Justice League America's trash looking for dirt for his tell all book, when he hears a "RRRRRR...KAKK", coming from a trash can. thinking it might be a super villain he runs away. The sound brings Guy Gardner to the back door, but not seeing anything he heads back inside, never realizing Stinky has sneaked in behind him.

    Stinky then sneaks upstairs where he startles Fire, who ignites herself and sets off the sprinklers in the Embassy. This brings Guy upstairs to her rescue, but Guy is no match for Stinky who quickly latches to Guy's face. After a tussle Guy is able to wrap Stinky up in a blanket and kicks him into a teleporter.

    Stinky comes out in France in the Justice League Europe Embassy. There he cause problems for the JLE by pushing the button on the training room to MAX and nearly getting Crimson Fox and Wally West killed. He then takes a nap on the Red Alert button, which brings J'onn, Mr. Miracle, Fire and Guy Gardner to Europe thinking there is a problem.

    After almost killing Wally, by sleeping on his face while he was napping and nearly suffocating him. Wally tries to trow him out a window but instead he throws him into and unsuspecting Guy's face, to which Stinky attaches himself again. He then takes off running. While everyone is trying to figure out what is happening Sticky attacks Jean-Jean De Jean, a would be art thief who was hiding in the Embassy, stopping him from getting away.

    Days later Captain Atom is glad that Stinky is gone but he is informed that Power Girl has adopted him and is trying to come up with a name. She tries Heathcliff, Kevin, Sylvester, Frodo even Guy but the cat "Burps" them all.

    Bialya Blues

    Stinky is present at the Embassy when the Global Guardians show up to retrieve their three teammates. Stinky is caught chewing on Owl Woman's cape. And when a giant robot attacks the JLE and Global Guardians, Stinky hisses at it. Then later that night Captain Atom finds Stinky in his room, and throws him in Wally's who throws him into Ralph and Sue's bed, where he attacks Ralph.

    The Extremist Vector

    When Blue Jay teleports to the Justice League's French Embassy he startles Catherine and Sue Dibny. Catherine hits him with a baseball bat and Stinky jumps on his face, as Catherine yells "Kill em Kitty". Stinky is later seen cleaning himself watching Blue Jay.

    Rue Britannia

    When the Justice League gets a make shift beach in their front yard, Stinky quickly makes it into his personal litter box.

    Blood, Sweat and Tabloids

    Stinky gets out of the Justice League Embassy in London and got in a fight with a pure bred mastiff and killed it. Captain Atom thinks this is funny because this is the first problem he doesn't have to deal with since Catherine had been promoted above him.


    Stinky is catnapped by two small town crooks, Robin and Johnny, and held for ransom. While they wait for the Justice League to give them 10,000 pounds (or about 18,000 US dollars), Stinky destroys Robin's room, and scratches him up pretty bad. Then overnight Stinky is able to claw his way through the bedroom door and attack the two again.

    This time Stinky tackles Robin into the television and has Johnny cornered when two men from "Metawise Accounting Firm", a black market dealer in superhero Intel, kick in the door and shoot Stick with a dart knocking him out. The men pay Johnny and Robin more then the ransom and take Stinky back to their headquarters.

    Back the the headquarter, Metawise puts a video camera in Stinky's eye and take him back to Johnny and Robin's flat and order them to return the cat to the Justice League Embassy. Which the two do, but get caught when they get lost in the hedge maze that surrounds the Embassy.

    When Stinky wakes up Metawise can see what the cat sees, but all he seems to do is drink from the toilet.

    Armageddon 2001

    When Waverider and Superman come to the Justice League Europe's Embassy looking for the Monarch Stinky is there, and though the eye camera implant, done by Metawise, they see and hear about Waverider's powers to see into the future. Stinky and Metawise watch as Waverider looks into each member's future looking for a clue on who the Monarch is. Unknown to anyone but Waverider all of the teams futures seem to be in other time periods. This confuses Waverider but when Stinky rubs against his leg, Waverider makes contact and sees Stinky's future.

    The cat is laying under an open window when two of Metawise's hire goons climb in. They make fun of how Stinky has gotten fat since they put in the camera, but he has shown them where the time machine is in the Embassy. While the goons are sneaking though the Embassy Stinky remembers what they did to him last time and attacks them. One of the goons tries to shoot Stinky but hits the time machine instead.

    Back in the present Waverider realizes how and why the team was in other time periods and knows that Stinky's eye is a camera. he uses his power to destroy it so Metawise will never see where the time machine is and the possible futures he saw for the JLE will never happen.

    Stars in Your Eyes

    When Inspector Camus is made liaison to the Justice League Europe he is forced to work out of their embassy. While there Sticky coughs up a hairball on his shoe. Camus then learns he needs to share his office with Stinky's litter box.

    Vagabond Kings

    Stinky growls an hisses at Power Girl when the Justice League returns home, giving Power Girl the feeling that something is wrong.


    Booster Gold: Blue and Gold

    In an alternate timeline in which Booster Gold saved Ted Kord from being killed by Maxwell Lord, Stinky and Catherine Cobert are the only one left alive in the Justice League Europe Museum after the attack of Maxwell and his OMACs. When Booster and Ted arrive at the museum to respond to Catherine distress signal, Stinky jumps at them but once he learns they are human he backs off. HE later warns them when Catherine, who is really an OMAC tries to kill them. Later after Catherine has been defeated Stinky comes out of hiding to lick his former owner's face.


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