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    A former businessman who turned to a life of crime.

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    Stinger was created by writer Tom DeFalco and artist Jim Mooney.

    James Valkon was a legitimate businessman who became tired of playing by the rules while watching others get rich and powerful. He invested all of his money into weapons from the Tinkerer, including the vibratory shocker, a sleep-inducing sting and the vibro-generator which made the user invisible. As the Stinger, Valkon tried to capture the Avengers and auction them off to the highest bidder but his plans were foiled. He did manage to subdue several members of the team, stalking them and utilizing his weaponry against them, including the Black Panther and the Scarlet Witch. Stinger inadvertently killed Bloodhawk when the mutant jumped in front of a blast meant for Thor and subsequently died from the wounds.

    It is unlikely that the Stinger will resurface using this alias, since several characters have appeared using the name. However, his weaponry has not been appropriated by any of the successors to the name.


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