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As part of the Griffin family, Stewie is the brother of Chris Griffin and Meg Griffin, and has a half-brother named Bertram.

Stewie Griffin
Stewie Griffin

Stewie is the

Bart Simpson

of Family Guy. He is arguably the most popular character from the show, and is often depicted on tee-shirts and the like. He is the figure head for the series, and is often the favorite character of viewers.

Stewie often dreams of world domination and killing his mother, Lois. He is often paranoid that other people want to hurt him or are out to get him.

He is a great musician. He can play a variety of instruments, and is often seen singing and dancing, and doing quite well at it. He learned to play the banjo in a small amount of time, and can also play the piano and the guitar. He is seen in several episodes dancing and singing with Brian or at his musical school. In one such episode, Stewie even performs Bryan Adam's "Everything I Do (I Do It For You)" in a music video in order to express his love for Joe Swanson's infant daughter, Susie.

Stewie is very sophisticated for his age. He often reads complex novels, makes statements of historical times, and watches political television. This is sometimes contradicted by his liking of children's toys, like his bear Rupert who rarely leaves Stewie's side. He likes to watch children television shows, and even once traveled to Europe to meet Mother Maggie, the host of his favorite TV show. She crushed his dreams of living with her, as she turned out to be mean and unbearable.

Stewie is very intelligent, and is capable of building other worldly objects. He has constructed laser guns, a weather controlling machine, and a size changing ship. The ship was used to go into Peter and keep Bertram from being born.

Stewie speaks almost perfect English, and is very capable of communicating with adults. They often ignore him, and pass off what he says as baby gibberish. Brian is the only character the readily understands and converses with Stewie, and it is not sure that the other characters can understand what he says.

There is speculation that Stewie was actually gay. The creator of the show planned to have him step out of the closet, but plans changed when the show was canceled. There are references and actions that may prove this theory.

He has been shown with Homo Erotic Dreams of him and his Teddy Bear, Rupert and also shown with same kind of dreams with his Dog Brian Griffin But love interests with Girls his Age or the short lived love interest with his baby sitter and even being seen in one episode getting aroused by watching Cheer Leaders, All these things contradict the "Gay" Theory.

Stewie's arch nemesis Bertram (who is also his half brother) are always competing on who will dominate the world first. However, Betram has not made an appearance in Family Guy since Season 5. It is also revealed that Stewie has stage fright which was revealed when his preschool put on a production of Terri Shivo the musical and he played the plug. When he was supposed to sing he just wet his pants and started crying. It is also revealed that his hero is Jared, who played the plug 3 years in a row and is now in Kindergarten. Stewie used to adore Hannah Montana and it used to be his favorite show and she used to be his hero, but after he and Brian found out that she was a robot and Brian wanted to see if she could do "things" for them, Stewie tried to reprogram her but instead sent her on an evil rampage where she kidnapped the Evil Monkey and did the whole King Kong thing. Luckily Peter and Quagmire shot her down in Quagmire's biplane, she then exploded but. Brian took one of her arms to "do things" for him.



Stewie has been shown to have quite a few weapons such as grenades ,various types of guns. and crossbows. He is also a master with most of these objects and able to fire them like a master. It is unknown how he has been able to acquire these weapons or if he stole them somehow.



Despite his young age, Stewie has been shown to have quite a few jobs. One such job was when he took up Chris's paper route after Chris started working at a convenience store. He has also been shown to work at a burger shop and a guidance counselor.



Stewie has been shown many times as being the smartest person in the family and even smarter than Brian. He has also shown to be a master inventor inventing things such as a multiverse travel system, a shrinking ship, a teleporter,and a time machine. Many times when he is testing these inventions he is accompanied by Brian .



In the episode "Hannah Banana" it is revealed that Stewie is a mass murderer having killed seven children and planning to kill all of Brian's siblings. He also set fire to a building killing everyone just to make Brian feel good. He has also killed Chris's future wife. The most recent victim was news reporter Diane Simmons who he murdered because Diane was about to kill Lois and Stewie said that Lois was his to kill.


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