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Doctor Stevens was one of the original founders of Woodbury after the zombie uprisings. He helped make the town safe while the Governor took charge of protecting the people. Stevens figured pretty early on that the Governor was sadistic but kept quiet so as to enjoy the town's protection.


Written by Robert Kirkman and drawn by Charlie Adlard.

Major Story Arcs

As the resident doctor for Woodbury, Stevens is called in to stop the bleeding from Rick's lost right hand. The Governor gives him explicit instructions to keep Rick alive and Stevens does his best. Rick's recovery hits a snag when his sedative wears off too quickly. Stevens tries to get Rick back in bed but gets hit and knocked to the ground. Alice manages to get more drugs into Rick's system and the two of them wait a while longer for Rick to wake back up. When Rick does so, Stevens gives Rick a quick rundown of Woodbury and his disdain for the Governor. The Governor walks in and demands his bandages be changed. Stevens is forced to listen to the atrocities the Governor has in store for Rick and his two friends.

Stevens confides in Rick that he doesn't like Woodbury. Almost on cue, Martinez shows up to have a chat with Stevens. The two are friends and Martinez enters with the pretense of making sure Stevens is happy. The two leave momentarily and Stevens leaves the area for a bit. He comes back to see Martinez helping Rick escape. Stevens wants in and rushes off to gather supplies for the trek to the prison. His assistant, Alice, joins them. Stevens meets back up with the group as they approach the back wall to Woodbury. Martinez maneuvers them out but Stevens is immediately bitten upon getting outside the town. He orders the group to take the supplies and to leave him to his fate. He presumably becomes a zombie.


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