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    Steve Rude is an American artist, painter, writer and comic book illustrator. He is best known as the co-creator of Nexus with writer Mike Baron.

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    Personal Life

    Crystal in color by Rude
    Crystal in color by Rude

    Steve Rude was born in Madison Wisconsin in 1956. He grew up on a steady diet of Jack Kirby's Marvel heroes, and Saturday morning cartoons, especially the Alex Toth designed Space Ghost and Jonny Quest series. The two artists would prove to be early and deep influences as Rude began to hone his early artistic endeavors. Rude attended The Milwaukee School of Arts where he met Mike Baron. The two created Nexus in 1981 when their first collaboration was rejected because it wasn't superhero fare. Nexus was an instant hit and it immediately catapulted both creators to stardom.



    Rude later attended the California Art Institute where he began to bring influences from Andrew Loomis, John Gannam, Harry Anderson and Russ Manning into his artistic style. Over the last couple decades, Rude has worked for Marvel, DC, and a host of independent comics companies. He has continued his work on Nexus into the new decade, establishing his own publishing company Rude Dude Productions, primarily as a platform to continue the series. Currently, Rude continues to teach art classes and produce commissioned works while constantly perfecting his already exceptional artistic style.


    Eisner Awards

    • 1988 Best Artist/Penciler/Inker - Nexus, First
    • 1991 Best Artist
    • 1993 Best Writer/Artist
    • 1993 Best Penciler - Nexus: The Origin, Dark Horse
    • 1993 Best Single Issue/Story - Nexus: The Origin
    • 1997 Best Penciler - Nexus: Executioner's Song, Dark Horse
    • 1998 Best Art Team - Steve Rude, Willie Blyberg, Ken Steacy, Space Ghost Special, Comico

    Russ Manning Most Promising Newcomer Award

    • 1984

    Inkpot Award

    • 1988

    Jack Kirby Award

    • 1986 Best Artist - Nexus, First

    Harvey Award

    • 1991 Best Artist - World's Finest, DC

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