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    America'sTop Law Enforcement Operative!!!

     America'sTop Law Enforcement  Operative !!!! --- There. Just in case Marvel's constant attempt of not letting us forget this little nugget wasn't enough. 
    Good = The story. I like it. I felt for a second it might get a bit corny with all the flashbacking going on but it withstood.
    Not So Good = I'm not a huge fan of Dale Eaglesham's art (not enough eyeballs in his faces, kind of creepy) but not enough to take me out of the story.
    Bad (very) = EXCEPT when he draws a skinny boned young Steve Rogers and friend who look like they've been knocking the side of a crack rock off in their spare time. I mean, really, those long necks he drew made me feel uncomfortable.
    So it's definitely staying on my pull list. Just please Eaglesham, easy on the dope fiend flashbacks.
     America'sTop Law Enforcement  Operative !!!!

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