Steve McNiven

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    Canadian comic book penciller, famous for working on Marvel's Civil War with Mark Millar

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    Steve McNiven left his home in Canada to move to Florida and work for CrossGen. He took over the penciling duties from Josh Middleton on Meridian and began a partnership with inker, Dexter Vines, which continues to this day.

    When his stint at CrossGen was over, Marvel scooped him up and put him on a number of projects. Among these were the New Avengers, Ultimate Secret and Marvel Knights 4. His big break, however, occurred in 2006 when he and Vines, along with writer Mark Millar were contracted to create the Civil War mini-series, which turned out to be the highest grossing comic book project of the decade.

    This team became so popular that Steve, Dexter and Mark were brought together again to produce the Old Man Logan Wolverine storyline for Marvel in 2008. OML made his first appearance in Wolverine #66 in June of that year.

    Currently, Steve is working on Uncanny Inhumans with Charles Soule


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