Steve Lombard

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    The sports editor at the Daily Planet.

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    Steve was a professional football quarterback who later became the Sports anchor for WGBS News. He loved to play pranks on his co-worker meek and mild mannered Clark Kent. Though many of those pranks seem to backfire on Steve. During his college years Steve would prank his scawny roommate Leo Morey. Both Steve and Leo were graduates of Empire University. During the early 1980s Steve was fired by Morgan Edge. Afterwards, Steve tried his hand at acting where he played Joe Hardy in the play Damn Yankees. Steve was the nephew of famed mystery novelist Kaye Daye of the Mystery Analysts of Gotham.

    Post Crisis:

    Steve has had many roles as a journalist he was the Metropolis reporter for WGBS who was the television broadcaster while Doomsday first cut a swath from Ohio to Metropolis that led to the supposed death of Superman. He later became the Sports Editor for the Daily Planet.


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