Steve Englehart

    Person » Steve Englehart is credited in 861 issues.

    Writer for DC and Marvel who worked on several major characters and teams in both universes and later launched several Malibu Ultraverse and Valiant titles.

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    Best known for his work at Marvel writing the Avengers, Defenders, Captain America, Doctor Strange, and West Coast Avengers. He and Starlin came-up with characters such as Shang Chi and then Mantis on his own. He is the writer that gave the Beast his blue-fur, introduced the dark god known as Shuma-Gorath, and helped make Captain Mar-Vell a cult classic after his friend Jim Starlin's legendary run.

    While at DC he worked on the Justice League of America and Green Lantern he wrote a definitive run on Detective Comics that has influenced many future interpretations of Batman.

    At Valiant he helped create Shadowman and wrote X-O Man-of-War.

    Characters Created by Steve Englehart

    Englehart has also written non-comic related material. This includes his 1981 conemporary fantasy novel, The Point Man, published by Dell books. He also had a story in the pulp anthology, Weird Heroes Vol.2, edited by Byron Preiss.


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