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    Stern Ritter are the elite Quincy forces of the Vandenreich.

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    The Stern Ritter (星十字騎士団 (シュテルンリッター), Shuterun Rittā) are an antagonist team from the BLEACH series that is created by Tite Kubo. It first began serialization Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump in August 2001. It first appeared in BLEACH Volume ?? CH. ?? "??".

    The Stern Ritter are the elite forces of the Vandenreich Army of Quincy.


    The Sternritter consists of 27 members, each with their own abilities:

    A - Uryu Ishida (The Successor)

    Ability: The Antithesis - Allows him to switch anything that occurred between two objects or people.

    B - Jugram Haschwalth (The Grandmaster of The Sternritter)

    Ability: The Balance - Allows him to redirect misfortune towards an opponent or enemy while absorbing.

    C - Pernida Parnkygas (Schutzstaffel member)

    Ability: The Compulsory - It is able to shoot nerves that can control a person's movements and can warp individuals parts. It also has the ability to evolve.

    D - Askin Nakk Le Vaar (Schutzstaffel member)

    Ability: The Deathdealing - He can control the lethal dosage of blood in a person's body and lower it to make it fatal to them. He can also create poison to take out his opponent.

    E - Bambietta Basterbine

    Ability: The Explode - She is able to create bombs made of reshi.

    F - As Nodt

    Ability: The Fear - He can induce fear into his opponent using fear thorns.

    G - Liltotto Lamperd

    Ability: The Glutton - She can consume anything she chooses using her mouth.

    H - Bazz-B

    Ability: The Heat - He can manipulate fire.

    I - Cang Du

    Ability: The Iron - He can make his skin iron which makes him invulnerable to physical damage.

    J - Quilgie Opie

    Ability: The Jail - He is able to create jails made of reshi that are inescapable to those who are non-Quincy.

    K - BG9

    Ability: Schrift remains unknown but he has the ability to extract data from an opponent which possibly means his ability is "The Knowledge".

    L - PePe Waccabrada

    Ability: The Love - He is able to make people fall in love with him and make them do his bidding by firing heart-shaped projectiles.

    M - Gerard Valkyrie (Schutzstaffel member)

    Ability: The Miracle - He is able to convert physical damage into increasing his strength and might which causes him to regenerate from physical damages while becoming stronger and larger.

    N - Robert Accutrone

    Ability: His schrift remains unknown although he is shown to be very fast which possibly means his schrift is "The Nimble".

    O - Driscoll Berci

    Ability: The Overkill - His power increases with each kill that he has.

    P - Meninas McAllon

    Ability: The Power - She has superhuman strength.

    Q - Berenice Gabrielli

    Ability: The Question - She is able to induce self-doubt into an enemy.

    R - Jerome Guizbatt

    Ability: The Roar - He is able to create sonic screams.

    S - Mask De Masculine

    Ability: The Superstar - He becomes more powerful and mighty with each cheers that he receives.

    T - Candice Catnipp

    Ability: The Thunderbolt - Candice can create lighting bolts to use as attacks.

    U - NaNaNa Najahkoop

    Ability: The Underbelly - NaNaNa is able to analyze his targets reiatsu over a certain amount of time which allows him to determine an opponent's spiritual power distribution. He then implints his letter into the target and it forms grid patterns and he pinpoints hoeles which causes them to increase until the opponent's reiatsu deplets which knocks them out.

    V - Gremmy Thoumeaux

    Ability: The Visionary - He is able to imagine anything which will become reality.

    W - Nianzol Weizol

    Ability: The Wind - He is able to use his winds to deflect anything that approaches him.

    X - Lille Barro (Schutzstaffel Leader)

    Ability: The X-Axis - He can pierce anything he shoots with perfect accuracy and he is able to be intangible.

    Y - Loyd Lloyd

    Ability: The Yourself - He is able to copy a target's powers and abilities.

    Y - Royd Lloyd

    Ability: The Yourself - He is able to copy a targets appearance and memories.

    Z - Giselle Gewelle

    Ability: The Zombie - She can control anyone with her blood touches their skin.


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