Sterling Gates

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    Writer of JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA's VIBE and other books at DC Comics.

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    After a chance encounter with Geoff Johns,Sterling Gates became a Writer's Assistant on the TV show Blade. Following the cancellation of that series, Johns' invited him to be his personal assistant on a movie he had been working on called Naughty or Nice. After conversations about Gates' interest in comic books and showing Geoff some of his work Gates was employed at DC Comics. He started with a back up story in Green Lantern and co-wrote Green Lantern:Secret Files.

    This was followed up by a two part story centered on the Alpha Lanterns in Green Lantern Corps. Gate's longest work to date has been Supergirl which he took over just prior to the New Krypton crossover written by Geoff Johns, James Robinson and himself. He also wrote a one shot comic highlighting the villain Prometheus as part of DC's Faces of Evil month. His work on a Kid Flash series starring Bart Allen has been put on hold.

    DC's New Relaunch

    Sterling Gate is now currently writing Justice League of America's Vibe with artist Pete Woods after replacing writer Andrew Kreisberg. He will also be joining DC's Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns to co-write some one-shots for the Villains Month event.


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