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    Stephen Desberg is a comic book writer.

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    Séries principalesdeàRôle
    27e lettre (La)1990
    Aimer pour deux2021
    Ange & Diablesses2009
    Anges d'Auschwitz (Les)2020
    Appel de l'enfer (L')1993
    Bagdad Inc.2015
    Billy the Cat2005
    Black Op20052014
    Bob Morane 09 (Divers)2003
    C'est fou le foot sans les règles1998
    Carmen Lamour1993
    Centaures (Les) (Desberg/Seron)19821989
    Cercle des sentinelles (Le)19982000
    Crépuscule des anges (Le)19981999
    Dernier livre de la jungle (Le)20042007
    Deux hommes en guerre20172018
    Empire USA20082011
    Envahisseurs sur Janus1981
    Etoile du désert (L')19962017
    Ex-People (The)2022
    Gaspard de la nuit19871991
    Gil Jourdan1989
    Golden Dogs20142015
    I.R.$. (puis I.R.$)19992022
    I.R.$. - All Watcher20092011
    I.R.$. Team20132014
    Il était une fois le Mondiale1990
    Immortels (Les) (Desberg/Reculé)20012005
    Jack Wolfgang20172019
    Jardin des désirs (Le)1988
    Jess Long1994
    Jimmy Tousseul19892000
    Jimmy Tousseul (Les nouvelles aventures de)2004
    John Tiffany20132014
    Lait entier20012002
    Lion de Judah (Le)20202022
    Mic Mac Adam19822000
    Mille et autres Nuits (Les)2015
    Miss Octobre20122015
    Movie ghosts2022
    Oliver Page & les tueurs de temps2020
    Petits hommes (Les) (Soleil/Jourdan)1990
    Rafales (Desberg/Vallès)20052008
    Rivières du Passé (Les)20212022
    Rédempteur (Le)20152021
    S.O.S. Bonheur20172019
    Sa majesté mon chat2021
    Sang noir (Le)19961998
    Sauvages Animaux (Les)2022
    Scorpion (Le)20002022
    Spirou (Almanachs & Album+)1983
    Spécial animaux1986
    Tif et Tondu19801991
    Vache (La)19921999
    Aurora en Ulysses, Centauren - Integraal2022
    Baard en Kale1991
    Billy the Cat (en portugais)2003
    Cassio (en néerlandais)2012
    Escorpião (O)20012010
    Escorpión (El)20132015
    Estrella del desierto (La)2002
    I.R.$. (en anglais)20082010
    I.R.$. (en espagnol)20082015
    I.R.$. (en néerlandais)2012
    Incontornáveis de Banda Desenhada (Os)2011
    Scorpion (The)20082013
    Scorpione (Lo)20012006

    Born in Brussels on September 10, 1954, Stephen Desberg began in comics by writing, in 1976, short stories for the newspaper "Tintin". However, it was not until 1978 that this disciple of Maurice Tilleux, the creator of "Gil Jourdan", began a career as a professional screenwriter. From 1980, for "Spirou", he ensured the continuity of the adventures of "Tif et Tondu" drawn by Will, then successively created the characters of "421", "Billy the cat", "Mic Mac Adam" and "Jimmy Alone". After having designed several albums of these series, he joined forces with the designer Johan De Moor and the Casterman editions to imagine "Gaspard de la nuit" and, in the monthly "(To Follow...)", the investigations of "La Vache" . This humorous series now appears in albums at the Lombard in the “Troisième Degré” collection and has new twists there under the title “Whole milk”. In 1989 and 1990, in a more adult register and once again associated with Will for the illustration, Stephen Desberg published two albums in Dupuis' "Aire Libre" collection: "The Garden of Desires" and "The 27th Letter". An original screenwriter with very diverse talents, Desberg moves with equal ease and inventiveness from one genre to another, from fantastic atmospheres to challenging realities such as intolerance. In 1996, with the cartoonist Bernard Vrancken, he expressed his anti-racism through "Le sang noir" (4 albums at Lombard). Although living in Belgium, Stephen Desberg is of American nationality and, like all the sons of Uncle Sam, he is supposed to declare his income to the I.R.S. (Internal Revenue Service), the US tax administration… No one was better able than him to instruct us on the functioning of this institution. As a screenwriter, he quite logically made it the original subject of a series put into images by Bernard Vrancken. This financial thriller appears under the title “I.R.$.” in the “Third Wave Lombard” collection. The United States is still present in other of his albums such as "L'étoile du désert" (with E. Marini at Dargaud), or "Tosca", an uncompromising portrait of the evolution of the American mafia with Francis Vallès at Glénat. Desberg is also passionate about religious themes. He is interested in the mythological world of angels and demons in "Les Immortels" with Henri Reculé at Glénat, and, with Marini at Dargaud, in the enigmas of Christian origins in "Le Scorpion". In 2003, with Daniel Koller at Dargaud, he launched "Mayam", a theological fantasy series recounting the travels of an ambitious Earth diplomat on a planet with a thousand and one competing cults... In 2004, the magnificent "Dernier livre of the jungle" in the Polyptych collection. His two adventure companions are Johan De Moor and Henri Reculé. In 2005, the first volume of "Rafales" was released in the Lombard Third Wave collection, a somewhat fantastic contemporary thriller which he entrusted to Francis Vallès with the design. In 2007, he signed a historical thriller project, again, with Henri Reculé, entitled "Cassio", for the "All public" catalog of the Lombard.

    Text and photo © Le Lombard


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