Stephanie Brown

    Character » Stephanie Brown appears in 796 issues.

    Stephanie Brown is the Cluemaster's daughter. She becomes the Spoiler to "spoil" her father's criminal plots, and dated Tim Drake while he was Robin. Steph temporarily becomes Robin when Tim is forced to quit by his father. Later, she briefly resumes being Spoiler before Cassandra Cain decides to pass her the mantle of Batgirl. In the New 52 and Rebirth, she's back to being The Spoiler.

    Spoiler (yes, Spoiler, that villain)

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    #1  Edited By Ms. Invisible

    Anyone reading Booster Gold would notice Rip Hunter's little scribbles on his chalkboard. I came across this post about Stephanie Brown and this picture was posted:

    Something's up! She was also featured in Gotham Underground #2.

    All I can say is something big is coming up for her! Maybe she's going to get the recognition she finally deserves in the Batcave?

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    #2  Edited By BuckshotWasHere  Moderator

    Or life?

    And btw, your avatar keeps making me think you're Cosmic Sentinel.

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    #3  Edited By Cosmic Sentinel

    It would be good for Stephanie to get some recognition. Maybe DC are planning to weave it in to the whole changing death certificate thing.

    Buckshot says:

    " And btw, your avatar keeps making me think you're Cosmic Sentinel."

    I've been having that problem too. That's what I get for being a trend-setter.

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