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Sten is not a name it is a title not much is known about the warrior of the berresaad except he was born without horns and as such was destined for a specific purpose. He lead a group of Qunari to discover and document the significance of the blight, the group was ambushed by darkspawn. He was left to die in a pile of hi dead comrades.

When he awoke, his sword of name sake was also stolen. Enraged he attacked the same farmers who had saved his life, and slaughtered the entire family. He was arrested and brought to Lothering, where the Revered Mother sentenced him to die in the cage where he is found. He was found by the Warden and freed eventually the warden returned his sword and he subsequently returned home.


Sten first appeared in the Dragon Age franchise, created by BioWare. Appearances in comics comes by way of Dark Horse Comics Those That Speak Until We Sleep.

He appears in the first issue released in 2012.

Major Story Arcs

Those that speak

Sten replaces the previous Arishok after he is killed in Kirkwall. After Alister and friends are taken prisoner by the Qunari dreadnoughtsand given to Akhaaz, Sten hears about it and tells his guards he wants a audience with the young king and reveals to him that Titus has requested his death. Alistair pleads for the Arishok's help he refuses and Alistair is placed back in jail.

Isabela escapes and frees her crew and friends. the gang is stopped by the the Arishok however. Sten challenges Alistair to a dual which Alistair wins, but instead of killing him as he suggests Alistair asks again for his former companion's help. He accepts to restore his honor.

Until We Sleep

The Arishok informs Alistair of the Qunari version of the myth of King Calenhad, and how he became a Reaver. The new Arishok assaults Ath Velanis and distract Titus' forces for a short time so that Varric can get within fortress undetected.

Skills and Abilities

A towering and strong Qunari, Sten is a warrior unequal. He is proficient with all weapons, and unarguable strong.

Other Media

Video Games

Dragon Age: Origins (2009)

Sten is a main character in the 2009 BioWare released Dragon Age game available on PC, PS3 and X-Box.

Dragon Age II (2011)

While not in the game he is mentioned several times in the 2011 BioWare released sequel to Dragon Age, Dragon Age 2 available on PC, PS3 and X-Box. He is available as a playable character and has a significant role in the second act of the plot.


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