Stella Stargaze

    Character » Stella Stargaze appears in 26 issues.

    FemForce villainess.

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    Stella Thompson was a girl who was born in poverty and raised in Apopka, West Virginia. She was extremely beautiful and used this to get herself out of this poverty. She won a beauty pageant that led her to a job where she became the assistant of a stage magician. 

    The magician, The Great Leolani, was working on an item called the Hypnotic Eye that could plant post-hypnotic suggestions in women so he could take advantage of them. He tried the Hypnotic Eye only to find out that it worked only on men. Stella Thompson stole the Hypnotic Eye and used it to snag rich and handsome men around the world to gain their wealth. 

    Eventually, she started a company called Stargaze Enterprises at New-York,  and became Stella Stargaze, talk show host. She used the Hypnotic Eye on her guests to reveal deep secrets on her show, which made her even more popular and rich. 

    Stella Stargaze eventually tried to seduce the father of FemForce team member Tara, T.C. Fremont. Tara and Stella have since been at odds.


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